Yvanne Yinda, The New Africa Fashion Icon

“Yvanne Yinda”, actress, model, blogger and writer; It’s in 2013 under the direction of Eric Bartonio that Yvanne starts her career at the cinema in the movie called “419”, written by Loulou Dédola and other popular actors such as “Richard Bohringer” France and also ” Jimmy Jean-Louis” the actor, producer and writer from HaÏti.

Second year licence student in marketing / communication, Yvanne Yinda of 24 year old (born the 14th of January 1993),  who  comes from Cameroun,  after experienced what she likes ,she decided to also become writer.

Her passions : To Dance and to Look good.

She wants to do her best in her study but also in her passions.

She just created her brand with her name “Yvanne Yinda” in order to sale some clothes designed by herself  for the year 2019.

2019 is a fortune year for that person. Some compagnies and brands noticed her because of her body full of sensuality. She will be one of the next young African model to represent Africa and Cameroon which is  her country.   

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