Wizkid No Longer Making Unique Stuffs Isn’t It Time Wizkid Start Using Song Writers?

Hello! Dear Wizkid Fan,

Please!! Please!!! Calm down, I am a huge Wizkid fan as much as you are but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t say our minds on our Starboy’s craft.

Wizkid came in great with that crazy album titled Superstar in 2011 some very unique sounds and stuffs.. Wizkid was unpredictable, we had songs like Baddest BoyJaiye Jaiye and the likes.

But personally for me Wizkid hasn’t made anything really unique since Ojuelegba2014. Even before Ojuelegba if you are a true Wizkid fan you will notice a lot Wizkid’s songs have very similar sounds and lyrics.

Yes we know Wizkid is talented, music comes easy to him but at the end of day perfecting your craft, taking your audience seriously and giving them different and unexpected content is what truly makes a great artist.

Wizkid is brilliant when it comes to the melody and rhythm but when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone please permit me to say the star boy has been lagging behind.

Please kindly look at the likes of Olamide and Davido even if you are not a huge fan of these two you can see they are both very ‘unexpected’ when it comes to the music.

Davido who has been (Arguably) the No.1 artist across Africa for years and he uses songwriters which is why he gives us different stuffs every time.

Lets take a look at Wizkid’s most recent songs, the likes of Daddy YoBaba NlaOdoSoco and others.. These songs are indisputable hits but are they really great?

Haven’t you noticed most of Wizkid’s recent hits are not popular among adults, I mean people between ages 40-60, these set of people don’t connect with Wizkid music anymore the way they connect with Davido and Olamide’s songs.

I personally can’t remember the last Wizkid song I can listen to and sing along loudly without feeling like I’m I 16?

So Guys 👇

Would It Hurt If Wizkid Started Taking Ideas From Other Music Makers And Infusing It With His Sound?

I personally miss the Starboy of 2010-2012.

I believe he can do better.

Please share your thoughts below.


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