Igbos vs Yorubas: Which Tribe Owns The Music Industry, Which Is The Most Influential?

Hello guys,

We need to have a serious discussion. I was having an argument with a friend of mine and I thought our dear NL readers could contribute.

Over the years, Nigerian music has thrived all over Africa and now to the rest of the world, a beautiful thing every successful Nigerian music maker contributed to, let’s give ourselves some props.

But when it comes to music in Nigeria, two tribes come to mind: Yorubas and the Igbos. These two tribes are blessed in several ways when it comes to the entertainment industry they have shaped a lot.

So when it comes to the music which tribe has done most?

I personally thought most people would agree the Yoruba tribes are the best music makers in Nigeria, I believe they have done more to push the state of our music industry, but it looks like some people disagree with that.

Let us take it back to the beginning, look at the likes of FelaShina PetersMajek FashekKing Sunny Ade, and more, these people went international with our music and did well, they are all Yoruba music makers.

And not forgetting to mention when it comes to music in Nigeria? Most hit songs are sang in Yoruba language even by people who are not of the tribe, look at the likes of Terry GOritsefemiTimaya, and etc, these guys are not Yorubas but they made hit songs singing in Yoruba

And personally for me, I think since I was born I have never remembered a time most reigning artists in the country are not Yorubas or sing in Yoruba.

Don’t get me wrong Igbos have been really great in our industry too, but to be sincere don’t you think Yorubas have done more and are doing more?

This is my opinion, and just so you know I am not Yoruba nor Igbo.

So Guys 👇

Igbos vs Yorubas: Which Tribe Owns The Music Industry, Which Is The Most Influential?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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