Good or Bad Idea; Project Fame Winner, Olawale Using His Prize Car As An Uber Cab

Some days ago, a video surfaced on the net showing Project Fame winner Olawale using his prize car as an Uber cab as a means of survival. He claimed that He made that decision  after clear reasoning and weighing all his other options. He said

“I thought about selling the car to push myself, but what if I do that  and the money is not enough to shoot a good video and what if after making the video,it is not what I expected”. 

Since the video was  released, there has been mixed reactions, as some Fans believe he should have sold the car and  used the money to pursue his dreams  in music and some applauded him, saying he made the right decision.

What do you think, do you think using his prize car as a cab is a good or bad idea?


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